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It all started in 2007, when I had to leave Playas del Coco, Guanacaste, where I was working at Coldwell Banker under Linda Gray as her assistant.  During these years I could learn from her , an expert on how to develop your own company.

Due to the fact that I had to go back to San Jose, I wanted to find a name for my real estate agency and always remembered a nice slogan belonging to the Caribbean side of the country which said, "COSTA RICA, YES" something about a beer or something, honestly, I don´t remember very well, and for sure I wasn´t going to use the "yes",but I wanted the same meaning this adds, and use it to transfer the feeling to people that Costa Rica is Great!!!

So "Costa Rica SI" makes lots of sense...Costa Rica Sí es bonito! , Costa Rica Sí vale la pena! and I'm very proud of my country I just couldn´t change these words any more.

Since then, I've been meeting so many great people from many different countries with so many different desires, points of view and needs, but regardless, I always get along satisfied.

Many rentals, many sales, but more than anything the satisfaction of giving them what they liked, support, effort and strenght to find their places.

After 7  years of adminsitrating my own real estate bussiness , each day  gets more and more exciting.  Incredible satisfactions.  Also bad moments, but I always manage to overcome them.


Here a days, 2012 after some years, here I am improving, blessed and growing up in my bussines each day. 


I assume I´m lucky , lot of bussines , lot of clients ...


Thanks God!


San José, Costa Rica


Continue and improving each day .   Our company gets each day more and  more confidence from our clients. 

Costa Rica Sí Real Estate is well positioned in the market.






Broker / Owner

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