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My wonderful family!!!
04/01/2012 05:13 PM


My pets
04/01/2012 04:37 PM

I love my pets.   They are my hobby .  If for me I would have any kind of animals but I´m allowed for dogs , fishes and love periquitos.

Here I am posting some pictures of them.  They are all love.

Shaka & Apolo - Granpa/Grandson

Ana & Apolo



A little of me...
04/01/2012 04:31 PM

Sunday, April 1st , 2012


About me,

Very positive, very happy person. Trying to find the bad experiences of my life the best of them, turning them into a lesson.
Very religious, my God gives me everything, health, my wonderful family,  everything around me and the air I breathe.

A bit obsessive about my work and somewhat perfectionist. I am punctual for my appointments and I request that my clients receive the best we can give them and they deserve.

I love the sun, the beach , a nature lover but  a city woman.
I enjoy going out to restaurants, cafes, etc.. but I love dancing so I wish I could have more time to go to a disco once in a while.

My hobbies are my pets.

3 Great Dane, colorful parakeets  and my beta fish Luca.

I like being at home. I´m of terrace and gardens.  Fascinated by plants even though I have little time for them.

I sleep early as 10am and wake up late as 7:30 am.

Do not smoke for 5 months already and I am very happy for my health but my mind is demanding and sometimes I feel anxious. Will succeed in overcoming it, I hope!

Love the music! nothing is more pleasant than a cup of wine and a good melody at the terrace.


World is Wonderful!!!!




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